Cats take over the underground


Splendid has been purring this week about the CATS takeover at Clapham Common, a fantastic display of people-powered advertising that plays to our desire for disruption and people-first creativity. Quite often the advertising we see does no good, simply selling us things we don’t need through creative we don’t connect with. This Kickstarter-funded campaign by Glimpse to replace tube advertising with images of cats is effective in numerous ways. 

It plays to the human truth that pictures of animals make us feel good. It has good at its core but not in an overt way, supporting both Battersea and the RSCPA but not asking us to do anything. It just is. More excitingly though, it shows the public that these mysterious spaces from which we are sold things are not the property of brands. If people come together they can take these spaces as their own.