Skepta Levi partnership


This week Levis announced a partnership with grime kingpin and BBK boss Skepta to launch its #SUPPORTMUSIC campaign, prompting some great debate in the agency. Launched with an exclusive performance at the V&A and an online trailer, the most interesting aspect to the campaign is the creation of a community music space where he grew up in Tottenham.

Putting the fact that Skepta is now a global superstar to one side, it’s the unexpected collaboration of the leader of the self-styled “tracksuit mafia” with a denim brand that provokes some questions. As a means to get a young, urban audience considering more denim in their fashion choices, it’s clear that Skepta is one of the best icons to do it, but does it feel right given the prominence and importance of the #tracksuitmafia in his own personal brand? Some may think not, but the fact there is genuine benevolence at the heart of this campaign with the creation of a music space in a deprived part of London does away with any possible cynicism and makes it a solid piece of collaborative marketing that will benefit the artist, brand and community of Tottenham.