Dollar shave club ad


The quest for realness in advertising has now reached male toiletries in this great campaign for Dollar Shave Club’s new shower gel. It is ridiculous and condescending in the extreme for brands to think they need to call toiletries names like “Arctic Storm” just so men don’t feel emasculated when they’re buying them, and this is the premise for these very funny, well-constructed spots. 

It was inevitable that the representation of “realness” would eventually reach men’s toiletries, but it’s encouraging to see it done here in such a humorous and insightful way without going overboard on the meaningfulness of it. It doesn’t lose itself in trying to tell us what it’s trying to do like a lot of campaigns we are seeing for women’s beauty, toiletries and fashion products. 

Too often how brands present real women or non-traditional models feels cynical and shallow, and this almost always has the far from the desired effect.