Like My addiction


Do you know someone like Louise Delage? A campaign that caught the attention of the agency this week is from French charity Addict Aide, where they created a fake Instagram persona showing a young girl living the typical Instagram life. Over a course of a few months she grew in popularity, but the thousands of people liking her pictures were unaware they were in fact liking the life of an alcoholic. 

It is certainly very clever as a means of making people aware of what functioning alcoholism might look like. Broken up over a course of months you’d maybe never notice, but as a review of a single body of content it’s very powerful. 

That aside, is this message fair to be sending out to a generation so conscious of how they represent themselves? Could it make some people worry about having a problem they do not have simply because they post lots of pictures with a glass of wine? 

Having drinks in a high number of photos may not suggest a problem, it may simply mean they love showing off about the fun things they do with their life. You can’t always trust the social filter. If we want to spot something as serious as a friend with alcoholism, we should be thinking as much about what people are showing us in the real world as in the digital.