Lufthansa travels to Japan


We have been in awe of this wonderful example of crafted, layered storytelling from Lufthansa this week. Instead of relying on old tropes and styles to advertise travel, the brand has taken a beautifully fresh approach by exploring the notion of home, or more specifically “Heimweh”, the longing to feel at home somewhere. 

The blend of cinematography and animation is beautiful, capturing the tone of the piece perfectly, and the two Inoue brothers are interesting and their story is engaging. What really sets this apart though is the additional aspects to the idea that can help the content travel further and live in more varied conversations.

Making this piece about their father’s craft, connecting that back to the journey of discovery for the two Danish-Japanese brothers, and then stretching this into the real world by actually making ceramics inspired by, and containing parts of, the Sakurijama volcano adds so much integrity and talkability. This isn’t just cool people going on a jaunt in a nice location to sell plane tickets. This feels more earnest, more thought through and leaves an impactful impression on the viewer.