Amazon Go


Everyone has been talking about Amazon’s new concept store with a twist. You simply walk in, swipe your Amazon Go app, grab what you want, and walk out. Amazon will charge whatever you pick up to your Amazon account.

The technology used automatically detects when products are picked up (and returned to the shelves if you have a change of mind) and adds it all up on your account. Simple. Yet opinions are divided. Many hail it as an exciting development to the shopping experience that will help bring people off the internet and onto the high street again. However, the majority of press are asking whether it just fuels the fire of technology taking over our jobs – a valid point, given three million people are employed in the UK retail sector. 

Amazon has a long way to go before posing a serious threat, but having now seen it in action, there’s a chance that other retailers can copy the same technology. Smart, quick and easy shopping is what consumers are calling for and this answers that need. So watch this space…Amazon Go app applied for a British Trademark just this week, so we may be seeing it on our streets sooner than later.