Argos Christmas Yeti Ad


Research released from claims that for 69% of people, Christmas TV advertising campaigns have “no impact whatsoever” on where they do their festive shopping, with only 13% saying it had any impact at all. 

Considering the technology now used by most of the population, it seems to make sense. We see the ads and talk about them, they may even inspire ideas for gifts, but we then use the web to compare prices on the items we want and probably buy the cheapest. No amount of cute animals or ice skating yetis can change the fact we have choice at the end of our thumbs.

John Lewis says they work though. 50% more people are coming through the door compared with 2013 and they’re buying more stuff, which begs the question of what the study really shows. Is the modern British public largely impervious to festive advertising, or are many simply unaware (or reluctant to admit) that campaigns influence them? 

Given the accuracy of Brexit and US Election polls, it’s perhaps wiser to look at business results over public opinion.