Following last week’s National Kiss a Ginger Day, it’s been another fantastic week for redheads with the announcement that there may soon be an emoji that represents them correctly.

With only 2% of the world being blessed with ginger hair (or 10%, if you go to Scotland, Wales or Ireland), it’s easy to see why a representative emoji may have been forgotten about in this new global language. However, as it happens, for the past three months it’s been the most frequent complaint from users, according to Emojipedia.

Last year was littered with campaigns gunning for the creation of new emojis, such as the successful Like a Girl campaign, which means females are now represented in the previously male-only professional and sporting images. It’s great to see that big brands such as Apple are listening, reacting and responding to those who are making their voices heard.

Hold your rejoices though, as the redhead emoji has yet to be approved. It’s going into discussion next week, and from then it could take as long as a year until it appears on our phones.

We don’t see what the hold up is…