This week, the UK Medical Research Council and the US Environmental Protection Agency released findings from a study showing life expectancy is forecast to exceed 90 years in the coming decades. With this news, the Guardian looked into how 90 year-olds are living a long and happy life, which captured a few of our imaginations.

In an office of young hearts and minds, it’s easy to forget there’s an older generation out there looking to stay active, take on new hobbies, continue to seize life with both hands and, essentially, stay happy. This generation is exposed to a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels – keeping up with news in the local paper, watching TV during the day time, and in some cases (like Don, pictured above) using the latest technology.

Although they admit to being slower in movement, they are seeking the same intellectual stimulus as the rest of us. Things to be inspired by, included in and spoken about.

So with life expectancy on the rise, it begs the question of whether some brands could be missing out on engaging a growing older generation in their stories, and whether in fact too often we are unknowingly excluding them from the chance to take part at all.