RAR Award Winners - Splendid Communications

Awards voted by clients are that much sweeter

Industry awards are a funny old business; a lucrative one for some. And while it’s always fantastic to win an award, I am often left feeling just a tiny bit icky at the insular and usually drunken, self-congratulatory nature of some awards ceremonies.

Who judges these awards? Using what criteria? And are we sure the judges aren’t just voting for their mate’s agency? While it’s usually just a case of “… never mind, pass me the Pinot and let me take a selfie with the silverware…” on this occasion I’m especially proud and unusually sober. Especially proud because this award is based on votes by clients. So thank you clients for the award. And I’m unusually sober because I wasn’t invited to the awards ceremony, that opportunity was reserved for Splendid people much worthier than I to bask in the glory.

So thank you team for your amazing work. Long live industry awards.

Alec Samways, CEO

Splendid Communications are proud winners of the 2017 RAR Combined PR award, and the 2017 Social RAR Digital Award, as voted for by the clients.