Google shop the look image search

Go shopping with google image search

What is it?

Like Pinterest, Google is taking its image search feature a step further by turning it into a way to shop.

What does it do?

In some instances, tapping on an image result will now pull up a “shoppable” list of products featured inside the photo. So if, for example, you’re looking at a picture of a model wearing sunglasses and holding a handbag, Google may be able to display links to buy the bag and glasses (or at least direct you to something similar). The new feature – Style Ideas- is currently being tested on mobile, and will allow users to see how different products looked when matched with complete outfits. Google provides a demo which can be seen here.

Is it a game-changer?

This isn’t a first but this update does introduce Google into the “shoppable-everything” bandwagon adopted by many social platforms. Although it is not a new innovation, the fact that it’s being trialled by the biggest search engine will have a huge effect on online shopping behaviour, as it could act as an easy ‘middle man’. Looks like Google has found another revenue stream from their search proposition.