channel 4 personalised ads for alien

Personalised creepy ads that call you by name

What is it?

As part of its video on demand package, Channel 4 is offering advertisers an ad format where they can directly address viewers by name.

What does it do?

By accessing the registration data of the user, the advertiser can directly address the viewer by incorporating personalised visual and audio content into the ad creative. 20th Century Fox is one of the first brands to use this format as part of their efforts to promote the new Alien:Covenant film (see below). Other early adopter brands are Fosters and Ronseal.

Is it a game-changer?

Consuming communications on our own terms is a behaviour trait which isn’t going away, so publishers and social platforms alike are evolving their offerings to cater to this. Channel 4 is leveraging its data well to provide a compelling proposition to potential advertisers. This is a “first”, however it won’t be ownable for long as it will be relatively easy for its competitors to replicate. Watch this space, as this format grants a creative licence to delve into some exciting territories.