Direct Response Ads in Instagram Stories

Instagram is testing direct response ads inside its Stories feature. This addition to Stories will allow actions such as app-installations and sign-ups to occur directly from the ad. The ambition is for all actions that feature in ads on the feed to be available in Stories.

This is yet again another feature Instagram has taken from Snapchat. One top DR advertiser, speaking on condition of anonymity, said “app-install ads have been a hit on Snapchat, but now the company would give Instagram another look”. The line of difference between the two platforms is blurred and will soon come to a head. Users are quickly approaching the point where the need for both platforms is redundant – a choice will have to be made. With their resources, frequency and speed of updates and (at first glance) the more compelling advertising proposition the odds favour Instagram.

The latest update to  Stories is enticing to brands as there is now an opportunity to monetise another common behaviour in Instagram. The competition is heating up.