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Facebook Connects You With The People You Should Know

To date, Facebook has been all about helping you re-connect with the people you already know. But now, Mark Zuckerberg wants to take that a step further and help you connect with people you ‘should’ know

Using profile data, in a bid to help users ‘network’, Facebook will show you people based on mutual friends, work and education info, networks you are part of, and contacts you’ve imported (along with some other factors)

This LinkedIn style approach seems to go against the very purpose of Facebook – to connect you with friends. Most of us dread the ‘people you may know’ section, as it’s crowded with exes, people you hated at school and family members you don’t want seeing what you got up to on the weekend. Now this is going to be even worse, with some users complaining of already seeing dreaded recruiters from the past and people they worked with for a month or two five years ago. It just seems like another attempt to get as many of us together and connected as possible, so it can serve more ads to our network. Rant over!