Facebook drives instore purchasing through QR codes

Facebook Rewards “in-store” shoppers

What is it?

Facebook has introduced a feature in the app which incentivises people to shop in physical stores where they can redeem discount codes.

What does it do?

This feature enables people to use the Facebook app to collect and redeem awards and discounts by scanning a personalised QR code when they make a purchase at a participating store. Potentially, people can earn free discounts just for being Facebook users.

Is it a game-changer?

Facebook could become more appealing to users while earning ad revenue from businesses looking to promote their “Rewards” giveaways via ads. The feature could also give Facebook more data on who buys what where, which it can use to improve the relevance of ad targeting and ‘News Feed’ content. This is the latest in their loop to “close the loop,” in proving the influence of online on offline purchases. Time will tell on whether they have cracked it.