Google turns your selfies into emojis

Attention to everybody who likes to see themselves in cartoon form, your prayers have been answered…

Emojis may be a fun way to express yourself, but they’re not necessarily all that unique. Google wants to change that by helping you turn your selfies into emojis.

Using the art of Lamar Abrams coupled with machine-learning, Google has made it possible to create emojis that actually look like you. The feature can be found within Allo, Google’s machine learning-based app. From today, you’ll see a new option when you access the sticker collection — “Turn a selfie into stickers.”

You’ll never create the same face from your face twice, as Google notes that there are somewhere around 563 quadrillion combinations of eye, nose, and face shapes that could ultimately be pulled together to form your unique emoji. This is a great initiative from Google to entice people to download the Allo app.

The feature is rolling out on Android today. Folks using the app on iOS will have to wait a bit longer.