Instagram snaps rival’s last big feature

What is it?

Instagram has poached Snapchat yet again by introducing Face Filters and an eraser tool to the platform.

What does it do?

As part of its latest update, the app has added selfie filters that look and act like its ephemeral rival’s iconic Lenses. Like on Snapchat, the Face Filters work with both the rear and front-facing cameras. There will be eight filters that are available to choose from at launch. In addition the filters work with Instagram’s Boomerang app, and all can be sent through Instagram’s direct messaging.

The Rewind tool lets you make videos that play in reverse. Boomerang works in a similar way, however it instead loops the short burst of recording back and forth.

To add more context to your story, Instagram has added a hashtag sticker which you can access when you click the sticker icon at the top right of your screen. You can select and customise the hashtag before adding it to your story. Like with mentions, you can add hashtags using regular text and people watching your story will be able to tap the hashtag sticker or text to go to the hashtag page and explore related posts.

Lastly, the eraser brush has been added to the drawing tools menu. It lets you remove things you have drawn, or experiment with removing colours from an image.

Is it a game-changer?

Are these features original? Absolutely not. However, making this move has made a major dent in the appeal of Snapchat. It’s not anticipated that Snapchat will suddenly lose a load of followers overnight – however if they continue to lose key features and USP’s to bigger rivals it could spell trouble. Not the best situation to be in when trying to drive an advertising model to generate a return for investors.