Instagram pods

Fighting Instagram’s algorithm with “Pods”

What is it?

Instagram ‘Pods’ are self-organised groups of 10 to 15 Instagrammers. They can be formed of influencers, regular people, brands and businesses. In most cases, they are usually formed by influencers for influencers.

What does it do?

Once you are inside the ‘pod’ other users also on the inside will make sure they engage with your content thus cracking Instagram’s algorithm. As a point of reference Instagram changed its algorithm last year so that it wasn’t just chronologically ordering your content anymore. It now takes into consideration many other factors such as engagement, relevancy (based on your interests) and relationship to you. Those in the ‘pod’ will engage with each other’s content through likes and comments. This ensures their content is pushed to the top through Instagram features like the explore tab.

Is it a game-changer?

Game changer this is not but the notion of engineering advocacy is becoming the big topic of conversation within the world of influencers. This could be a dangerous game to play – in the ‘pods’ case influencers will be interacting with other influencers making it a game about ‘juicing numbers’ which could potentially skew with your results. Yes influencers using ‘pods’ will be able to grow their own online presence but that doesn’t mean that the same benefits would apply to a brand whose content is being shared via the same method.

Instagram hasn’t yet opened up about how they feel about this activity on their platform so we will have to wait and see if ‘pods’ are here to stay.