Medium launches audio for subscribers

Medium launches audio articles for subscribers

What is it?

Subscribers to the publishing platform Medium will now have access to audio recordings of some of the site’s top stories.

What does it do?

The stories will be professionally recorded so there will be no synthesized Siri-style voices in sight – and narrated by both professional voice actors and by the authors of the pieces themselves.

A company spokesperson said: “The most popular stories on Medium are often first-person perspectives, so our audio is designed to give you a direct, emotional version of the story with professionally recorded narrations by real people.”

Currently there are over 50 stories available for subscribers to listen to on the site.

Is it a game-changer?

This could be a game changing move for online editorial content, making it more accessible and adaptable to the changing habits of consumers – users can now download something they want to read and play it in the car or on their commute.

The feature allows Medium to attract new subscribers with different content consumption behaviours – people who rely on Audible or Podcasts. As a revenue generator, it is refreshing to see invested time in creating a service to entice paid-for subscriptions, as opposed to chasing user volume and defaulting to advertising. Let’s see if this move pays off.