Pinterest brings visual search technology to ads

Pinterest is leveraging the image recognition it uses to power its visual search and recommendations to power its ad proposition. Brands can advertise against moments of discovery based on pins you’ve saved/liked.

Benefitting from Pinterest’s core visual search technology, advertisers will now see their ad show up next to a product related to the ad itself, rather than just being displayed against keywords and other kinds of traditional tagging.

This is game changing as it’s an expansion of Pinterest’s already unique opportunity for advertisers – enabling them to catch users at all points of their purchasing journey; from moments of discovery, to people searching for and saving products, down to the final purchase. They have leveraged the way people use Pinterest to understand what the audience wants, even when it can’t be communicated in words. Relying on visual elements in this way will lessen the load for advertisers, bringing it back to the users and their behaviour.