Poor brand management bites bow wow

This week saw the emergence of a trending topic, which has caused a headache for one out-of-demand celebrity. Introducing the #bowwowchallenge

Bow Wow – prominent child actor/rapper from early 2000s –  felt the need to share on Instagram (or “The Gram” as referred to by our illustrious neighbours over the pond) a picture of a private jet with a caption that implied it was for his flight to New York. Needless to say, hours later an eagle-eyed fan snapped and shared a pic of him sitting in economy on a commercial plane. From this epic fail spawned the #bowwowchallenge, which entails people creating images that provide a misleading story and then coming clean in a follow up image.

The role of social in our lives has evolved in such a way that connecting with your network plays second fiddle to personal brand management.

Today, even 12 year-olds have an engrained knowledge of personal branding that could rival any university course. The unrelenting manner within which people jumped on Bow Wow is testament to this. The#bowwowchallenge is poignant as it directly ridicules a behaviour trait of creating a manufactured reality through clever use of a camera.

It is evident that managing your brand is a skill, and to get it wrong carries consequences. You never know, a few years from now the most common skill and qualification on future CVs could be branding. Wouldn’t that be something?

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