We’ve all had a song in our head we can’t place once or twice. For most of us, it’s pretty annoying. But for approximately 40,000 of people under 65 in the UK, this fairly insignificant thing is part of a real problem.

To highlight that Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect seniors, Innocean partnered with Shazam to create a campaign that drove awareness of the disease and it’s symptoms to a younger audience. The resulting campaign was the impactful ’The day that Shazam Forgot’; a simple activation where the app would forget songs. Over 5,000 referrals to the Alzheimer’s UK site from Shazam is a good indication of the success of this campaign so far.

The campaign tapped into a behavioural trait of Shazam’s largely millennial audience by disrupting something that they take for granted – reliable tech. Think back to Wednesday; Whatsapp went down for less than 10 minutes and it caused a millennial meltdown and made the national press. This is a great example of disruptive marketing that stems from a real-world insight about our culture and relationship with tech.