Amazon Pay integrates with Instagram

Amazon Pay rolls out Instagram integration

What is it?

You can now purchase products you discover via Instagram using Amazon’s payments platform. Amazon have partnered with clothing retailer Moda Operandi to integrate Amazon Pay directly within Moda’s Instagram posts.

What does it do?

If you see something you want to snap up on Moda’s Instagram page, you can now checkout using your Amazon log-in info, removing the need to manually type in your address and other payment info. The feature isn’t currently embedded within Instagram, so you have to click on a link in Moda’s bio which will direct you to their ‘Like2Buy’ platform powered by Curalate, which enables purchases via its Instagram posts.

Is it a game-changer?

This is a definitely a move in the right direction for both Instagram and Amazon. Amazon Payments is looking to take over the field of easy online payments from any website, making it easier for customers to have all their details in one place, with one log-in. Sounds like PayPal might need to watch their backs.

Driving traffic and revenue is an important metric for businesses on social media and by offering your audience a way to take action on the visual content you’re sharing, is only going to encourage more businesses to follow in Moda’s footsteps.