Amazon launches Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime launches Prime Wardrobe

What is it?

Amazon Prime’s newest service – Prime Wardrobe – will reduce one of the biggest hurdles of shopping for clothes online; it will allow users to try on clothes before they buy them.

What does it do?

Shoppers select at least three clothing items to try (including shoes and accessories) and get a week to decide what to keep. The rest can be shipped back easily. Shoppers who keep three or four items will get 10% off their order, and those who keep five or more will get 20% off.

Is it a game-changer?

This is a massive move for online retail. Especially as 60% of the time customers return clothes they bought online, it was due to fitting issues (a concern which causes 70% of shopping cart abandonment – We’ve seen initiatives before such as Clothes Horse which is set to show you how products will look on you using a questionnaire and your measurements, but ultimately, even with this you’re still parting with cash before you’ve actually tried stuff on. As online sales still account for a small percentage of total retail, this is potentially a huge move in the direction of giving consumers what they want and need from the offline shopping experience.