Instagram Likes vending machine

Buy your Instagram likes from a vending machine

What is it?

An Instagram likes vending machine has been spotted in the streets of Moscow.

What does it do?

It costs approximately $0.90 for every 100 likes, or $1.75 for 100 new followers – not a bad deal really. It doesn’t stop there though, the company behind this machine can deliver 150,000 followers that can collectively generate “up to 1,500 likes” on every single thing you post – all for just $850.

Is it a game-changer?

It is testament to the integral role social media has in our lives that something like this could even be conceived, let alone made.  A company has successfully managed to create a business around selling fake results, as they are shrewd enough to identify the importance of our “personal brand” within the social world..  

It’s clearly becoming easier to buy reach and followers but where’s the advocacy in that? This trend of buying reach will not last forever. There inevitably will be a tipping point. If the engagement isn’t real and the authenticity isn’t there, customers/followers will see straight through this….we hope.