Facebook advertising

Facebook grants control to advertisers

Facebook already allows advertisers to opt-out out of Instant Articles, Audience Network and in-stream ads. This will be taken even further with additional control options.

There are three new control options which advertisers will be able to benefit from over the next few months.

Pre-campaign transparency

For the first time, advertisers will be able to see a list of where their ads could potentially appear prior to setting a campaign live.

Blocking at the account Level

advertisers will be able to apply block lists at the account level instead of having to log-in to each specific campaign or set of ads. This will help advertisers make their lists consistent across potentially hundreds of campaigns and huge volumes of creative.

Choice over video placements in audience network

Soon advertisers will be able to define specific format types – native, in-stream, interstitial – through which to run video campaigns using a convenient opt-out format.

Up until now, advertisers have had numerous yet limited controls available to them for Facebook campaigns. For example, advertisers can currently prevent ads from delivering to sensitive categories if they so choose. However, Facebook hopes to further improve the social media advertising experience with these new and adjusted features, producing increased transparency, control, and convenience. With social concerns such as brand safety and fake news becoming more apparent, this is a positive step in the right direction.