Test Facebook Ad Creative before going live

Facebook has announced a new feature that will help advertisers and creatives test and deliver their ads.

In  Ads Manager, you’ll be able to quickly create an ad and test different creative to determine what resonates best with your audience, by testing different images, videos or text. The tool allows advertisers to experiment and share mock-ups with their colleagues and clients fast, making their work more effective.

This is pretty game changing as it will make the whole process of sharing ad creative for sign off much more streamlined; we won’t need to email lots of versions of posts anymore, or input them into a deck; we can simply upload them and deliver them for publication. This not only saves on time, but will help reduce errors, too. It will also help move the process along when working if multiple parties are involved in the process, as it will reduce the steps needed to deliver final assets, and they’ll all be in one place.