Dirty Bones Dishes out Instagram Kits

What is it?

Staff at the Soho chain of the restaurant, which originated in New York, are offering diners a free photography kit to up their Instagram game.

What does it do?

Guests can avail themselves of the ‘foodie Instagram pack’ complete with an LED light, a portable charger, a clip-on lens and a tripod selfie stick.

Is it a game-changer?

Although pretty depressing, this is a massive move for the future of dining out. The restaurant is capitalising on their diners habits of Instagramming their food, and providing them with the means to up their photography (and therefore advertising) game. In an era where ‘cookbooks are becoming look books’ and ‘every bite is a badge’ (Edelman), this is a really innovative way of not only connecting with consumers but also sharing their brand lifestyle in a natural, authentic way.