It’s time to celebrate World Emoji Day

Forget Christmas and Valentine’s Day – on Monday the world celebrated the most important date in the calendar: World Emoji Day. Brands rallied to craft creative campaigns, and we even created a sausage roll emoji for Greggs.

One of the real surprises of the day came from an unlikely place. The world of opera is rarely associated with millennial culture, but thanks to the partnership between the London Royal Opera House and Twitter, the beginning is in sight. They retold stories of famous operas using only emojis, inviting members of the public to guess the stories to win tickets. Similarly, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art launched a messaging service where people can receive art from its archive in response to an emoji.

This is an interesting approach to help static galleries appeal and engage a generation raised on reactivity, swiping and hyperlinks. And with the National Gallery and the Tate losing 20% of their visitors last year, these tactics are more important now than ever.