giphy online gif maker

GIPHY has created a browser-based GIF Maker

What is it?

GIPHY has created GIF Maker, an online tool that works in your browser – mobile or otherwise.

What does it do?

Just go to upload an image and then add animated text, stickers, effects, and animated hand-drawn objects. Similarly, uploading a video will create a looped animation as long as it’s 20 seconds or shorter. Finally, you can also take a photo or record a video on your smartphone to make a GIF. GIFs can then be saved, uploaded to GIPHY or anywhere else you like.

Is it a game-changer?

This is a step changing offering. GIFs are not the easiest to make and are often a bit of a burden to designers, and though there have been some apps in recent years to help you make them, this update from GIPHY is easy to use and doesn’t require a download to get started. Considering GIF viewers watch more than 2 million hours of GIFs per day via GIPHY, (with 1 million of those views probably being from Splendid) it’s surprising it’s taken so long for an innovation like this.

Let's start making Gifs

We are so excited!!