Instagram launches shared live stream broadcasts

What is it?

Instagram has started to test live stream broadcasts with a friend via a split-screen.

What does it do?

The new feature will allow users to invite a friend to participate in the live-stream, so that both are broadcasting in tandem via a split screen. All of the functions of a conventional live-stream are available, so viewers will still be able to share comments and hearts and then the broadcasters have the option to save it to their story afterwards.

Is it a game-changer?

It was expected after Facebook Live rolled out a similar feature earlier in the year. It definitely opens up a whole new world of video content that can be shared, such as; live stream interviews, Q&A’s, debates and discussions. The new feature enables two people in different locations to interact with one another, removing logistical challenges the above examples usually present. It will be interesting to see how brands and influencers choose to innovate in this space.