Irresistible pointless TrueView ads

We’ve all been there; waiting for a video to start and there’s an annoying ad that you just can’t skip. TrueView five second skippable ads solved that issue for viewers, but posed a new issue for brands – capturing our attention in five seconds, so they didn’t lose us.

 The latest pre-roll ads from IKEA have caught our attention as they’re unlike any seen before – they’re so mind-numbingly dull they’re almost mesmerising, making us want to stay tuned for a whole other reason. We’re served friends drinking together, a teenager doing the washing up, a couple kissing in front of the TV – all urging us to click ‘Skip Ad’. But do we? Weirdly… no.

 A whopping 39% of targeted viewers watched one of the ads in its entirety. So, could it be the case that reverse psychology really does work? Or do we simply like the slow-paced, real-world approach IKEA has taken to counteract the action-packed approach brands take to get noticed in five seconds? Either way, we’re hooked.