Snapchat falls out of top 10

Snapchat falls out of the top 10

What is it?

Snapchat’s mobile app dropped from the top 10 for the first time this year, according to a report on Q3 published by Sensor Tower.

What does it mean?

It has long been suggested that Snapchat usage has been on the decline. With Facebook launching a string of ‘copycat’ features, and the announcement of new figures suggesting Facebook and WhatsApp are generating almost double the amount of daily active users, it might be easy to assume that Snapchat’s relegation to outside the top 10 marks the final chapter for the Snapchat story.

Previously ranked at #8 during Q2 2017, Snapchat’s standing dropped to #18 on iOS during the third quarter of this year. It did, however, remain ranked at #2 on Google Play.

Is it a game-changer?

Reading into the figures, however, it seems that this change in position may not be as definitive as it first seems. Throughout the year, Snapchat has managed to maintain a position within the top 10; it has not fallen out of the top 10 since the Q3 figures were release. It also seems that Snapchat may not be alone in its decline. App Annie noted that Instagram and Messenger also saw a drop in their ranking during the same period.

Is it too soon to fully discount Snapchat and its influence on today’s digital landscape? Potentially. Considering the figures alone, it would be easy to say yes, but within the context, the situation is not so clear. What is obvious though, is that Snapchat need to step it up a notch, as it seems they are being outdone by reinventions of their own ideas by other social media platforms.