Daily Digital Edit – 21.12.2017

The Daily Digital News Edit, bringing you the top 3 digital news stories of the day.

MoonPie is brutally roasting people who insult the snack on Twitter

MoonPie’s Twitter is going viral after brutally roasting people who speak out against the snack. One sample tweet from MoonPie included: “Buddy it’s Saturday night and you’re talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet.” The tweet went viral, with more than 210,000 likes.

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*A risky way in which a brand has sought to establish itself on social media; it seems to be paying off for now.*


 Facebook facial recognition prevents someone from stealing your photo

 Facebook have announced new (but optional) Facebook facial recognition tools to combat social media impersonation. Users will get a notification if Facebook spots their face featured in someone else’s profile picture. Facebook will also begin to send users notifications if they detect their face in a photo that has not already been tagged.

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*’Catfishing’ has long been a problem on social media – it seems Facebook are now addressing this issue as part of the anti-harassment policy. Given that it is an optional feature, it’ll be interesting to see the number of users which choose to opt-in.*


 ‘Send ‘WhatsApp Message’ CTA button now available on boosted Facebook posts.

 Facebook has added a new call-to-action button option on boosted organic posts, allowing advertisers to start conversations with their customers on WhatsApp. The ads that have the specific CTA will only be seen by people who have the WhatsApp app on their devices. 

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*Businesses can now make it easier for people to engage with their services or products –  this is likely to make the process of shopping via social more streamline.*