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Pizza Hut just turned this ‘Black Mirror’ tech into a reality

Pizza Hut took to Twitter to unveil the state-of-the-art tech that will revolutionise the way the company gets your pizza from store to sofa. Its driverless pizza delivery vehicle, the e-Palette developed by Toyota, works eerily like the fictional one seen in Black Mirror’s “Crocodile” episode.  The Netflix show’s Twitter account had the perfect response, too, which basically amounted to a ‘we tried to warn you’.

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*Novelty way in of bringing a somewhat ‘techy’ announcement, made at CES, into the public sphere by attaching it to a trending TV program.*


 VR – “next generation” storytelling?

The Quantum Storey Company have launched what they have deemed to be “next generation” storytelling with its virtual reality book series, Operation You.  As young readers turn the pages of the printed book, Ray – a major character in the series – invites them to download the free app and use the included VR goggles in order to be taken into the story.

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*This is indicative of how VR technology is being used as a new way of teaching and learning – will the next generation be the first to never know life without this technology?*


Amazon partners with Panasonic to bring Alexa to your car    

Amazon have introduced Alexa Onboard, a new voice system that integrates Alexa with your car’s infotainment system. Panasonic will be the first vehicle infotainment system manufacturer to partner with Amazon to bring Alexa to cars everywhere. Amazon’s previous method of Alexa integration, had been based on specific auto manufacturers. 

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*It seems that the presence and use of voice assistants is being extended beyond the home – given its popularity within the home, it makes sense that it is now being moved to cars – an activity which, by its nature requires some sort of hands-free system.*