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 YouTube punishes Logan Paul for Japan ‘suicide forest’ video

YouTube has cut its ties with the controversial star Logan Paul, after he was filmed joking and laughing next to a dead body. Action includes being taken off Google Preferred, YouTube’s premium ad program that gives brands access to popular channels like Paul’s, which has more than 15 million subscribers.

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*YouTube’s delayed response to this controversy has generated a lot of criticism, it’s tough response does suggest it is taking the issue of offensive content seriously.*


 Amazon Alexa’s new skill offers tutorials about champagne

Moët Hennessy USA has launched a skill for Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. Users can interact with Alexa to get recommendations for champagne pairings alongside a Champagne 101 course that offers basic knowledge around the sparkling wine and information about Moët Hennessy’s specific offerings. Alexa will also recommend dates where popping open a bottle of champagne might be appropriate.

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* The use of voice technology by alcohol has so far been somewhat novelty (Jim Beam’s voice activated decanter) –  will change with the increasing popularity of the devices? *


Facebook may launch messaging device ‘Portal’ this year

Facebook is understood to be launching an augmented reality video device this year named Portal,, according to reports.  Rather than portray the device as a smart assistant, however, Facebook will position it as an extension of the social platform’s core use: another way for family and friends to stay connected.

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 *This is the company’s first foray into the hardware market, and puts it in direct competition with Amazon and Google. Will Facebook be able to differentiate itself from the industry leaders with its social media offering?*