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 Facebook feed change sacrifices time spent and news outlets for “well-being”

Facebook is making a huge change to its News Feed algorithm to prioritise friends and posts that spark comments between them at the expense of public content, news outlets, and importantly, the total time spent and ads you see on the social network.

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*This is the first sign of separation of a friends feed and a publishers feed – something that has been in the pipeline for a while. What does this mean for publisher content that is not paid for or engaged with – where will it go, and what are the implications for visibility of these posts? *


Snapchat’s big redesign bashed in 83% of user reviews

In the few countries including the U.K., Australia, and Canada where the redesign is widely available, 83% of App Store reviews (1,941) for the update are negative with one or two stars, according to data provided to TechCrunch. Just 17%, or 391 of the reviews, give it three to five stars.

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 *Hopes that the redesign could boost Snapchat’s revenue seems to have fallen short – it will be interesting to see what the next move will be for the flailing platform.*


#BlackHogwarts magically takes Twitter by storm

The Harry Potter franchise has often been criticised for its lack of diversity, which they adjusted with a few casting choices. Using the hashtag #BlackHogwarts, Twitter users have been reimagining what the Hogwarts world would look like with a predominantly black cast.

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*An example of how the use of a novelty hashtag can develop into a trending topic – this story gained coverage on VICE and Buzzfeed, amongst other trending websites.*