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Airbnb is promoting listings in ‘shithole countries’

The travel app Airbnb is running a digital campaign promoting rentals in Haiti and other places reported described as “shithole countries” by President Trump. In a tweet on Friday, Airbnb singled out Haiti, highlighting the nation’s beautiful Caribbean scenery as a possible travel destination for the app’s users: “We heard there’s been some expletive-filled interest in Haiti recently. Which reminded us to revisit just how beautiful this country is,” the company tweeted.

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*This is an interesting example of how a brand can use the reactive nature of Twitter to engage and capitalise on current real-world conversations and controversies. *


 Facebook announces licensing deals with three more music publishers

 In addition to its music licensing deals with UMG and Sony/ATV, Facebook now has similar deals with three more music publishers: Global Music Rights, HFA/Rumblefish, and Kobalt Music Publishing. As part of the deal, users can “personalise their music experience on Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus, while sharing videos with friends and family.”

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 *Tens of millions of songs will now be made available for use on the platform, giving users greater music resources allows them to better curate the content that they share on the platform. This also separates Facebook from other platforms in terms of what it can offer its users. *


BuzzFeed responds perfectly to Facebook’s changes

 BuzzFeed is taking matters into its own hands on Facebook, after the social network announced moves that could restrict publishers’ ability to reach people on the platform. The company have begun to buy ads on the platform, encouraging users to buy their mobile app: “Facebook is taking the news out of your News Feed, but we’ve got you covered”.

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 *The recent update to Facebook will hugely impact brands, like BuzzFeed, that are heavily reliant on the social network to drive traffic – it will be interesting to see whether brands will continue to use the platform as it prioritises posts from users’ friends and families, over content from brands and publishers. *