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 CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands, will place alert labels on others

CVS Health have said that it will ban photo manipulation in its store-brand makeup marketing and promotional displays. The drugstore will also require other makeup and beauty brands that sell products in its aisles to commit to a photo-manipulation ban by 2020 or face having an alert label placed on the images.

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*Acknowledges growing awareness of the harmful nature of touched-up images. Consumers have made it clear that they no longer want to see photoshopped or retouched advertising – it seems that brands are finally listening. *


 Twitter hits back again at claims that its employees monitor direct messages

Twitter has come under fire after media organisation Project Veritas published undercover footage of engineers from the company saying that employees – “at least, three or four hundred people” read users’ posts and supposedly private Direct Messages. The company have denied the claim by stating “We do not proactively review DMs. Period.”

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*There is are growing calls for social media platforms to become more transparent and disclose their policies about how they manage content and users on the platforms*


Black Box VR plans to open a boutique, high-tech gym

Black Box VR is launching an immersive virtual reality gym and fitness experience.  The idea is that people strap into an HTC Vive headset, using a resistance machine and a number of wearable ‘controllers’ that track your movement. The experience is designed to try and make you keep coming back, gamifying the workout and tracking your progress as you do your thing.

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*VR technology is beginning to make its way into all industries – will the ability to create the in-gym workout experience at home mean that physical bricks and mortar gyms will no longer be needed?*