Getty Images has announced the upcoming visual trends for this year, predicting three trends that consumers will be most responsive to in 2018.

Masculinity undone
In the last few years, brands have been redefining modern day masculinity as they move away from stereotypes. The data shows an increase of 53% in searches for “gay dads”, “man meditation” is up 126% and “single father” increased by 60%.

Second renaissance
Brands are looking for more culturally rich images by using classical art techniques that champion the idea of photographic craft. Searches for “luxury abstract” rose by 186% and “Vintage Portrait” was up 94%.

Conceptual realism
In an era of fake news, the public are more visually savvy and seek real images. Searches for “unexpected concept” were up 116%, while those for ‘reality’ were up 176%.

Let’s see how brands jump on these trends in 2018.

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