In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots faced off on Sunday night for Super Bowl 52. We won’t bore you with highlights from the game because who actually cares about American football aside from, well…Americans? (I can say that. I am American.)

While some people may have tuned in for the actual game, a good chunk of viewers were in it just for the ads. Because of the game’s extremely high viewership across broad demographics, advertisers pay big bucks for a spot and hope that at least a few of the nearly 120 million people glued to their television screens will like what they see.

With so much money and effort being put forth, the ads have become just as much of an institution as the game itself. Folks actively tune in as opposed to using the break as an opportunity to grab another beer and buzz about the commercials starts days before the Big Game and lasts for weeks afterwards.

But enough background. Let’s talk about our three favourites.

We never thought we’d see Cardi B, Godron Ramsay, Hannibal Lecter, and that funny Australian chick from “Pitch Perfect” appear in a commercial together. Alas, thanks to Amazon and Alexa loosing her voice, we were treated to hilarious guest spots by all four and several others. The 1:30 plug was so good in fact that some of us even considered buying the Echo and ignoring the (very real) threat of wiretapping. Some of us…

While re-enacting the final dance from “Dirty Dancing” has been done (over, and over, and over again…) there’s something irresistible about two grown men – both over 250 pounds – getting down to “Time of My Life”. They even stuck the ending!  Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. star in the commercial for the NFL (as if the NFL needed more publicity during the Super Bowl?) which one YouTube user aptly described as ‘zesty af’.

Hopper from “Stranger Things” (we love you!) is the leading man in Tide’s minute-long ‘Every Ad is a Tide Ad’ spot which does what it says on the tin. In it, there are nods to cliché commercials. No company was safe as Netflix’s favourite Chief of Police mocks everyone and everything, from Matthew McConaughey’s ‘cool’ Lincoln advert to stereotypical beer, perfume, car insurance and shaving commercials.

It wasn’t easy to pick just three as Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage of “Game of Thrones” singing and dancing (there seems to be a theme here…) amongst fire for Doritos and Mt. Dew had us in bits and we applauded Febreeze’s not-so-discreet nod to bathroom breaks in their ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’ ad. While the outcome of Super Bowl 52 may have disappointed some, the ads were every bit as good as we had hoped.