No, Instagram is not bringing back its Chronological Feed – 15.03.2018

No, Instagram is not bringing back its Chronological Feed

Disappointing news this morning as we learn that Instagram has no plans to reintroduce the chronological feed, despite the high demand from its users. Speaking to Fast Company, a representative said: “No, Instagram is not testing chronological feed. This meme kicked up somewhere and we’ve been trying to set the record straight.”

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*So why, when so many users prefer it, do they not want to revert to chronological order? It’s most likely because its algorithms are able to create higher user-engagement, which is very desirable to advertisers. By hiding low-engagement posts and only showing a “best of” selection, users are more likely to “like” or comment on the images they see.*


nuqneH? yIjatlh! You can now learn Klingon with Duolingo 

Like all Duolingo  courses, the Klingon course, too, is available free of charge. Unlike regular languages courses, though, Duolingo probably had to get its legal department involved in launching this one, and the course is actually under licence by CBS Consumer Products.

Klingon joins the other 30 languages that are currently available on the Duolingo platform, which currently has about 200 million users.

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*This is a great way to engage ‘fandom fanatics’, and is an interesting ‘first’ for language services – no other services have added fictional languages to their offering*.


Two Dogs Filmed A Google Street View To Promote Tourism In A Japanese City

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from the point of view of a dog? Google is helping people see one city in a whole new light by putting the camera on the back of an Akita.Google Japan took a new Street View perspective for the city of Odate. In ‘Dog View,’ two Akitas, named Ako and Asuka, take a tour through town with 360-degree cameras on their backs for the world to see.

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*This is a great, engaging way to show off the city, especially for dog lovers, and a great way to bring in more tourists looking for a dog-friendly holiday*.