Though Instagram stories only last 24 hours, the impact negative replies may have can last a lifetime.

In a world where trolling is rife, the cyberbullying charity The Cybersmile Foundation has set out to prove just how damaging words can be. They’ve partnered with PT Chessie King to create a short film #TrollingIsUgly, which shows the influencer’s original body-positive Instagram content changed and adapted in line with the nasty criticisms from trolls. The end result is shocking, and it shows that these people will criticise no matter what. Haters really are gon’ hate. 

Jamie Oliver this week banned his daughter from posting selfies, perhaps because 40% of millennials said they have either had cosmetic surgery, or are considering it. Truly shocking statistics, so this couldn’t come at a better time – a brilliantly innovative approach to troll the trolls and showi just how ridiculous yet harmful those comments can be to even the most confident social users.

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