Instagram introduces time management feature – 16.05.2018


Spending too much time on Instagram? The app may let you know …

 Following in the footsteps of Google, which recently highlighted new tools to help smartphone addicts manage the time they spend using their devices, Instagram, too, could be about to offer its community a quick way to see just how long they’re spending on the app.

*It seems that there is a fine line between social media platforms helping users limit the time spent on the platform, but also relying on customer usage of the platform to run. Perhaps these time-management tools could ultimately work in their favour, equipping users with mechanisms to help them better manage their interactions with technology.*



Facebook launches ‘Youth Portal’ with privacy tips for teens

Facebook is making an effort to crack the greatest mystery of all — teen outreach — with a new central hub it’s dubbed the ‘Youth Portal.’ This service offers guidance to teens on how to navigate the service, how to stay secure, while also helping them understand how their data is used.

*It seems that Facebook is attempting to help Gen Z users start their internet usage off on the right foot in a way that older generations haven’t. This marks a change from the other social media platforms which up until now have focused on helping parents gain control of their younger kids social habits.*


Fewer than 10% of Twitter users actively call out fake news

A review of 20,000 tweets relating incidents like the Boston Marathon Bombing and Hurricane Sandy found that the number of tweeters who took the time to question the wild rumours and speculation that they were reading varied from as little 1% to a maximum of 9%.


* Facebook and Twitter have both introduced new measures to tackle fake news, but these results suggests that maybe it is user mindset which needs to be changed.*