‘Body positivity’ is a phrase that has had a massive impact on the fashion and beauty industry. From ‘shapely’ shower gel bottles, to celebrating stretch marks, it’d be hard to find a campaign from the last 18 months that doesn’t champion diverse bodies in some way.

For us, the real winner is MissGuided. Its #MakeYourMark campaign vowed to ban airbrushing models, and celebrate ‘female flaws’, by using mannequins with freckles, scars, cellulite and vitiligo. That’s not the only empowering thing you’ll see in its stores – it also pushes feminist messaging using pink neon signs, and champions female-led businesses with pop-up opportunities. 

And now it’s at it again with its latest campaign #InYourOwnSkin; celebrating ‘skin positivity’ and the acceptance of common skin conditions, such as scarring, acne, psoriasis and rosacea. It features six women with skin conditions comfortable in their own skin despite the fashion and beauty industries’ ideals.

MissGuided has succeeded where many arguably more established brands have failed. They’ve inspired a young female audience both online and offline. How? By listening to its audience and working to show millennial females they matter and are beautiful without patronising cliches. 

After all, they don’t want curvy bottles on their shelf; they want to walk past a shop window and feel represented.  And yes, with pink neon signs… because if they like pink, who cares?

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