The latest offering from Nike is not only gearing us up for the World Cup, it’s also got us feeling all nostalgic.  

It stars some of the biggest names in the sport, as well as hopeful young kids playing in the streets. It makes us reminisce about that iconic Nike ad from 1998, filmed with players playing football through an airport, culminating in a chance for Ronaldo to score between two posts. It’s beautifully referenced with a cameo of the one and only Ronaldo today, taking the same shot in a terminal.

Playing to this idea of nostalgia is such a great way to generate excitement in an otherwise heavily congested subject; it’s hard to find a brand that hasn’t talked about the World Cup in some shape or form. Not only does it make viewers think back to those incredible sporting moments and who they shared them with, but also reiterates the fact that this is Nike’s territory, and has been for generations.