The World Cup has officially started which means Paddy Power is everywhere causing havoc. This year though it isn’t being received quite as well.

When Paddy Power seemingly rehashed its Amazon rainforest hoax from 2014 by pretending to spray paint the England flag on a polar bear. there seemed to be little relevance and nobody really got it. Has it been successful if you have to explain yourself with an apology?

In contrast, its latest campaign, ‘From Russia, With Equal Love’, where Paddy Power will donate £10,000 for every goal Russia scores to the Attitude Foundation, is actually quite brilliant. It’s culturally relevant, there’s a gambling connection and it places the brand on the global media agenda.  

Now the Russian team has the LGBT community on its side – even Caitlyn Jenner posted a video in support – which is quite the kick in the balls (with studs up) to the nation’s homophobic ideology.