Amazon dominates US e-commerce – 26.07.2018

Amazon dominates US e-commerce

Recent figures from market research firm eMarketer demonstrate how mega-systems such as Amazon are dominating e-commerce. In 2018, the company will account for 49.1% of all online retail spending in the US.

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* With consumers increasingly motivated by convenience, Amazon has responded by combining advanced data analytics and accelerated delivery mechanisms to create a constant stream of refined goods and services that satisfy almost every consumer need. This is something which other brands will need to be considering in terms of their e-commerce strategies.*



Kids can animate their outfits with Gymboree’s new AR app

The Make You Smile app animates the designs on Gymboree select clothing items. The app also creates emojis based on the wearer’s expressions among other playful features.

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* As kids become more tech savvy, they are coming to expect more from their products. Gymboree is looking to elevate its apparel to fulfill this consumer desire. Is the interactivity element of clothing something that other brands will need to consider in the future? Potentially. But for now, it seems that this AR addition is more of a gimmick.*


Facebook launches the group watching feature Netflix needs to add

Facebook has officially launched a new feature called Watch Party that will let users simultaneously watch Facebook videos together. Their streams will be synced so they can comment and react while the host adds videos to the watch queue and controls playback. 

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 * This feature is one lots of people have been requesting from Netflix. Facebook has invested heavily in its Watch content, so it’s not surprising to see the company building out additional features. Realistically though, how many people want to sit on Facebook and watch videos with their random groups? The success of this feature is also very dependent on the calibre of the content; for the moment, Watch content is nothing compared to Netflix *.