Instagram is testing recommended posts in feed – 22.08.2018

  Instagram is testing recommended posts in feed

To help boost content discovery on its platform, Instagram is testing a new recommended posts feature in Feed. Recommendations “are based on the people you follow and photos and videos you like.”

 *This latest test feels like a step in the opposite direction from Instagram’s previous ‘You’re all caught up feature’ (which launched last month) aimed at promoting digital-well being. Instead of giving users a reason to close the app, they’re encouraging them to keep scrolling through their Feed even after they’ve caught up with all the content from their followers.*




David Lloyd Clubs introduce Fortnite fitness classes

 The premium health club has launched a series of exercise classes for teens and children, inspired by the runaway success of online computer game Fortnite.

* With society becoming increasingly health conscious, the concept of wellness is trickling down to the youngest generation. And yet, 56% of parents are still worried about how much time their children spend playing computer games. As such, David Lloyd Clubs is encouraging kids to swap their controller for choreography, taking time away from their screens to get fit and socialise.*



Twitter’s #DontBelieveEveryTweet shows off platform’s funny side

Twitter seemed to launch a new brand campaign to address its lack of a stance on recent issues such as fake news and its resistance to block bigoted behaviour of popular users Called #DontBelieveEveryTweet, the Twitter-branded campaign launched with a landing page, and a supposed letter from its founder Jack Dorsey – except that it was fake.


* The idea of using a fake ad campaign to trick people into believing a message about false representation is clever in and of itself. If anything, hopefully the campaign is a gentle reminder that yes, people do lie on the internet, and yes, people do often amplify facts and opinions. Whilst it’s all good and well that the platform is accepting there is an issue, what is going to be of real value is the actions that they adopt to solve the problem.*