Europe’s new copyright law could change the web worldwide  – 13.09.2018

Europe’s new copyright law could change the web worldwide 

Members of the European Parliament recently voted for controversial articles 11 and 13. The latter lays out guidelines for technology platforms to inspect what you post for any possible copyright infringement.

* Web platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, would be liable for copyright violations that may occur when users upload content that is owned by authors, musicians, songwriters and other content creators, according to the new rules. Whilst many have called this a much-needed update to copyright law for the digital age, others have suggested that this takes the rules of copyright too far, especially given the popularity of meme-style content.*


Instagram will send a pop-up about opioid addiction support if you search certain hashtags

Instagram is rolling out a pop-up today that’ll provide users with drug addiction resources if they search certain hashtags, like “opioid.”

* This new Instagram pop-up attempts to solve some of the platform’s drug issues, even if it doesn’t address the actual substance sales. It does at least give users a place to go if they’re searching for help.*


Amazon becomes the go-to portal for product search

Consumers are now going directly to Amazon to begin their product search, as opposed to Google. Amazon now accounts for 54% of US product searches, compared to Google on 46%.

 *This is an exact reversal of the stats from three years ago according to digital intelligence platform Jumpshot. It would be interesting to see whether the wide scale uptake and popularity of Amazon’s voice assistants in comparison to Google Home has aided this takeover.*